Did you know that most people find the idea of a first date more nerve-wracking than a job interview? That makes sense because in one survey, people said that on average they know within a 20 minute mark if they want a second date. (link)

There’s this interesting duality in dating: it’s both thrilling and terrifying, a venture into unknown waters where the stakes feel intensely personal. Yet, here’s a belief I hold dear: the journey to find love doesn’t have to feel like a tightrope walk over a pit of anxieties. What if it could be a path paved with self-discovery and genuine connections? 

This is the heart of conscious dating. Conscious dating is about bringing mindfulness into the dating scene. It’s not just about whom you meet for cocktails; it’s about understanding yourself and practicing emotional intelligence during interactions. This approach radically shifts from the conventional “play it cool” advice, focusing instead on cultivating a deeper self-awareness and sincere connections. It’s about making each experience count, ensuring that you’re not just going through the motions. 

My own path to becoming a passionate advocate for meaningful connections wasn’t straightforward. After navigating the maze of modern dating with its highs and lows, I found my calling in the world of matchmaking. This journey gave me a unique window into what makes relationships tick and the common pitfalls many face in the pursuit of love. My professional background has equipped me with insights that go beyond the surface, understanding the subtleties that foster both immediate sparks and lasting flames.

A crucial element woven through the journey of dating is mindset. Whatever the interaction may be, they are all there to teach you something.  Whether someone evokes positive or negative emotions, both are equally important in shaping our journey. Like magnets, we attract or repel each other, with the value of these interactions being equal regardless of direction. I invite you to shift your perspective: view each dating experience not as a hurdle to overcome, but as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and others. This mindset is not just about surviving the dating world; it’s about thriving within it.



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