You have questions. I have answers.
Who is matchmaking for?

People who are any of the following:

→ Open to transformation

→ Dating in the Philly area (either living here or willing to date here)

→ Jew-ish in any way you personally define it

And by the way: any gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship structures are welcome here!

Who is your ideal client?

Mostly my clients are people who can often find dates on their own. They are not time affluent. The most important thing to me however is that they are ready to take an authentic, conscious approach to dating and open themselves up to experiencing real connection.

You are a good fit to work with me if:

You want to be involved in a proactive, conscious dating process

You are open and like to say yes

You are a coachable person who desires to be mentored, supported and held accountable in dating

You are committed to doing the work despite any annoying voices in your head or the not-helpful-at-all opinions of others

How much does it cost?

In order to qualify for membership, you must book a strategy session with Michal. One hour of your time, two hours of mine valued at $400. The gives Michal an opportunity to get to know you in depth. This session gives you a higher priority to be considered a match for a matchmaking client, but does not include or guarantee a match.

 Membership packages start at $7,500. Memberships are dependent on your needs, how long you want to work together and how selective you are. If I don’t think I can assist you, I will steer you to a matchmaker who can.

OK I’m in! How do I book a time with a matchmaker?

Use this page and calendar options. As a reminder, this consultation fee is the entryway toward higher level services.