You have questions. I have answers.
Who is matchmaking for?

Matchmaking is for individuals who resonate with any of the following:

  • Those open to personal transformation and growth.
  • Individuals actively navigating the dating scene in the Philadelphia area, whether they reside here or are willing to date within this locale.
  • Those who identify as “Jew-ish” in any personal definition, embrace the diverse spectrum of Jewish identity.
  • It’s important to note that my matchmaking welcomes individuals of any gender identity, sexual orientation, and relationship structure. Everyone is celebrated and embraced in this inclusive space!
Who is Michal’s ideal client?

Michal’s ideal clients are individuals seeking authentic and meaningful connections. Her services are tailored for professionals, singles open to personal growth, and those who prioritize quality connections over casual encounters.

Specifically, Michal’s clients are often individuals who, while capable of finding dates independently, are not time-affluent. The crucial factor for Michal, however, is their readiness to approach dating authentically and consciously, allowing themselves to experience genuine connections.

You are a good fit to work with me if:
  • You actively seek a proactive, conscious dating process.
  • You are open-minded and embrace saying yes to new experiences.
  • You are coachable, and desire mentorship, support, and accountability in your dating journey.
  • You are committed to putting in the work, overcoming self-doubt, and disregarding unhelpful opinions from others.
How does the matchmaking process begin?

The process begins with an understanding that the beginning is not about looking for you. It’s about us looking at you. Michal starts with a series of connections to coaches and professionals who will all work together towards creating a meaningful experience consciously for your dating life. You are a good fit if you strive to understand who you are. You value meaning-making and growth. Finally, you know yes is more fun than no.

What is a thought partnership and why is it important for me?

Finding a life partner through a matchmaker is more than introductions and logistics. It should involve thoughtful questions, intelligent observations, and an objective perspective about the client’s wants, needs, background, and relationship patterns. Michal serves as a “thought partner” with her clients to share her insights, ideas, and experience to help navigate decisions along the dating and relationship journey.

What makes Michal’s approach unique?

Michal’s unique approach blends intuition with super connection. She emphasizes a holistic understanding of her clients, fostering connections that go beyond surface-level compatibility. Michal’s commitment to authenticity and personalized attention sets her apart in the industry.

How much does it cost?

To qualify for membership, you must book a strategy session with Michal. One hour of your time, two hours of mine valued at $400. This allows Michal to get to know you in depth. This session gives you a higher priority to be considered a match for a matchmaking client but does not include or guarantee a match.

 Membership packages are dependent on your needs, how long you want to work together, and how selective you are. If I don’t think I can assist you, I will steer you to a matchmaker who can.

Ok I’m In. How do I book a strategy session with Michal?

Use this page and calendar options. As a reminder, this consultation fee is the entryway toward higher-level services.

What is a super connector?

A super connector is someone with an innate ability to connect people, ideas, and opportunities in a way that creates value for everyone involved. They connect dots, are constantly learning about others, and endlessly connect people to make a greater impact. 

I pride myself on being a super connector, building relationships with a diverse range of individuals and organizations across various industries. If you’re looking for a super connector to help take your personal life or business to the next level, I would be happy to discuss how to help you make the connections you need to succeed.

Are Michal’s services confidential?

Yes, Michal prioritizes client confidentiality. All interactions, conversations, and personal information shared during the matchmaking process are handled with the utmost discretion, creating a safe and private space for clients.

Does Michal conduct formal background checks on matches?

Not unless specifically requested by the client. She makes introductions through her network and asks many screening questions, but she typically does not conduct formal background checks. Why? Sometimes even the best background checks don’t turn up everything important and Michal can’t be responsible for that. And what usually matters most (good character, good values, good family, etc.) aren’t flagged in an official background check anyway.

What types of events or networking opportunities does Michal organize?

Michal hosts a variety of events, including in-person dating events, networking mixers, exclusive training events for other matchmakers in the industry, and more. These opportunities provide a platform for individuals to connect, share experiences, and learn valuable insights about dating and connecting as a whole.

Can Michal assist with long-distance or virtual matchmaking?

Michal is based in Philadelphia, but her services extend beyond geographic boundaries. Whether you’re in the same city or miles apart, virtual matchmaking options are available, ensuring that distance doesn’t limit the potential for meaningful connections.

How can I get started with Michal’s matchmaking services?

Getting started is easy:
Step 1: Sign up to get on my radar. Fill out your profile
here (for my eyes only)
Step 2. Connect with your matchmaker.
Use this page and calendar options.
* As a reminder, this consultation fee is the entryway toward higher-level services.

Are there any success stories or client testimonials available?

Read inspiring success stories and client testimonials on the website to gain firsthand insights into the transformative experiences of individuals who have found love and connection through Michal’s services. https://michalmatches.com/testimonials/

How can I stay updated on Michal’s events and offerings?

Stay in the loop by subscribing to Michal’s newsletter, following her on social media, or regularly checking the website for updates. Receive firsthand information about upcoming events, and new offerings to enhance your journey toward meaningful connections.