I’m Michal Naisteter and I know people.

As in, I know how people work. How we make the tough decisions life asks of us. How we get to know one another, and how we aspire for more. I know how we work better together to achieve our common goals. And how much better we can connect with one another when we’ve done the work to better connect with ourselves.

I know people. I know people who dream the same dreams you do. I know people whose passions simmer in all the same ways. I know people looking for the person with whom they can grow, and live, and laugh, and with whom they can build a future.

I’m Michal Naisteter. I know people, and I’d like you to meet them.

In today’s world we have forgotten about the magic of connection. Algorithms and data can’t replace kismet interactions. They cant predict or paint the picture of all that something as big and mysterious as ‘love’ possesses. In order to meet someone special your journey to them should be special. That’s where I come in. I’m more than a matchmaker, I’m a super-connector. I don’t just make introductions, I meet two souls in the space where energies overlap. Because I get to know you deeply, I can connect you on a deeper level.

To your soulmate.

To your community.

To yourself.

To your future.

I make the matches, you make the magic.