Netflix has captured the hearts of viewers once again with its latest series, the #Jewishmatchmaker. Hosted by the talented Aleeza Ben Shalom, the Global Jewish Matchmaker, this show has sparked widespread excitement among matchmakers and audiences alike. Following in the footsteps of the popular #IndianMatchmaker, these matchmaking shows offer a refreshing approach to love by reintroducing traditions and values. Let’s get to the bottom of it, why is everyone so hooked on matchmaking shows?!  

#1 A Return to Traditions and Values:

The #Jewishmatchmaker series takes viewers on a captivating journey, not only exploring the fascinating world of Jewish matchmaking but also shedding light on the challenges faced by young individuals in finding serious and committed relationships in today’s swipe-culture society. By showcasing practices like going to the chuppah and shomer negiah (the practice of non-touching before marriage), the show reminds us of the importance of honoring tradition and values in our pursuit of love. No matter what that means to you specifically, because I like to look at everything through the lens of a being on a spectrum. 

#2 The Challenging Modern Dating Norms:

In our modern society, where casual encounters and fleeting connections often take precedence, the #Jewishmatchmaker presents a different narrative. The show portrays the struggles of individuals like Harmonie, a 44-year-old woman ready for children and who has often confused passion with love. Her story resonates with many women, highlighting the deeper yearning for meaningful relationships in an era dominated by superficial interactions.

#3 Reshuffling Tradition in a Lost World:

What sets the #Jewishmatchmaker apart from its predecessors is its ability to rekindle the essence of tradition in a world that seems to have lost touch with its roots. The series invites us to reflect on the values and principles that underpin successful and lasting relationships. Through the journey of the participants, we witness the transformational power of reconnecting with traditions, bridging the gap between generations and reinvigorating our society with timeless wisdom.

The series showcases a wide array of characters, serving as a reminder that love is a universal desire that knows no boundaries. Discovering a meaningful connection takes real dedication, an openness to growing, and empathy. If the show has ignited a spark within you and you’re seeking the guidance of a matchmaker, let your search end here. Regardless of your identity or the type of relationship you seek, if you feel ready to receive assistance, please reach out. Alternatively, if you simply want to get on our radar, sign up for a complimentary dating profile here (Click Here).

Remember, love is a journey worth embarking on, and with the right support, you can navigate the path towards fulfilling connection.



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